Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating positive and enduring change


JK Williams has always sought to make a genuine difference on issues that matter, and our commitment to making a difference is embedded and resonates in everything we do.

We believe and acknowledge we have both opportunity and a responsibility to use our knowledge and capabilities to make a difference within our local community.


Our approach to social responsibility includes operating our business in ways that are responsible, empowering our people to give back to our local community, and aligning with both our clients and other stakeholders to partner on CSR initiatives.


Such commitment, focus and resolve is not something new to our business, our people, nor our community. Leigh Hartog, our Managing Director and owner since 1992, is a dedicated philanthropist who has worked selflessly on establishing a robust workplace culture underpinned by an awareness, respect and appreciation for the community. Proudly, Leigh’s long-standing focus and achievements were recognised by Penrith City Council in 2020 which saw him awarded the very rare and prestigious honour of “Civic Recognition of Honoured Citizen of the City of Penrith


We recognize that we are on a privileged and enduring journey, remaining steadfast in our wholehearted pursuit of creating positive and enduring change.


We prepare an annual report which assists us with setting future targets and reminds us of our efforts to date.  Our Annual Report can be located via our website www.jkw.com.au.

The Story of Jack Williams

There are certain things that become synonymous with an area. For Penrith, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, it must be JK Williams.


JK Williams prides itself on utilising and sourcing the very latest in technology fit for business purpose. We are not solely focused on what is an aid to constructionany functions of the business.