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Leveraging Large Plant in Small Spaces

Our team has handled complex excavation and installation work in extremely tight conditions. Even in very small spaces, we have excelled at producing expert results with large-scale equipment. Whether your project calls for extremely slim trim tolerances or careful work around fuel and utility lines, you can trust JK Williams to handle it.

Coordinated Staging and Support

JK Williams has worked on numerous projects alongside other construction and support crews, managing time frame challenges and more in the process. We are willing and able to work with your team to complete your most critical projects with the utmost professionalism.

Truck-Ready Barriers and Paving

Heavy trucks and machinery can put an immense amount of stress and strain on paved spaces, leading to premature wear. This is particularly evident in truck courts and other spaces that see frequent passing or placement of heavy-duty machinery. Our team has installed high-quality truck pavement on multiple occasions to accommodate such conditions.


Many projects call for the installation of traffic dividing barriers such as the common type “F” variety to safely organize lanes of vehicles. JK Williams has ample experience in the provision and installation of these as well.

Truck Pavements

Turn Key Solar Installations

Projects such as our work on White Bay Truck Marshalling Yard have seen our team handle complex power supply installations in small zones, surrounded by environmentally sensitive spaces. We were able to deliver a fully operational and reusable system of BYD lithium batteries, Jinko solar panels, SMA off-grid inverters and a regulator to meet exacting project demands.

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Our legacy is that long after we have completed a project, the memory of who we are and what we stand for shall remain.

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