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JK Williams has been responsible for delivering critical infrastructure projects, we have established positive, trusting and reliable associations with all clients and the major network suppliers such as Sydney Water, Telstra, Jemena.

We have completed projects as the appointed Principal Contractor to complete our own civil and pavement works around major networks and also been responsible for engaging  and managing various sub-contractors that are required to not only work around fragile existing services but also install new networks, this includes high pressurised gas pipelines, major optic fibre networks and high-pressure sewer systems.

We have been engaged in the capacity of subcontractor to work on some of the major projects of our time such as WestConnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro just to name a few.

We understand the importance of working to critical program timelines, delivering and understanding the expectations of the project to ensure we can not only accommodate the client’s needs and expectations to ensure we enhance their program.

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Our legacy is that long after we have completed a project, the memory of who we are and what we stand for shall remain.

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