Motorway Operations Centre 3

CPB, Dragados, Samsung Joint Venture
Sydney, NSW
Infrastructure Works
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Key Features

Motorway Operations Centre (MOC3) is a location where the facilities are installed that maintain certain aspects of the tunnel, i.e. huge substation, water treatment plant, exhaust shafts to the tunnel.

  • 250 lin.m of retaining wall excavation and backfill (walls done by others)
  • Electrical and communication conduit and light column installation (no cabling or electrical works, just housings like conduits and pits) inclusive of large 3 metre wide pits housing 18 ducts 150mm dia. conduit
  • Installation of 100L and 1000L sanitary waste pump stations
  • 250 lin.m of HDPE sanitary waste drainage up to 100mm dia. connected from buildings to pump stations
  • 60 lin.m of HDPE fire supply pipeline 180mm dia. including dual head fire hydrant
  • Foundation pads for building structure (dirt not concrete)
  • Stormwater Installation including large custom pit consisting of 5 grates used as a catchment area in case of spills and leaks
  • GPT installation
  • Carpark Pavement Construction inclusive of general fill, SMZ, base, kerbing, seal and asphalt
  • 900 sq.m of rigid concrete pavements
  • 2,000 sq.m of flexible pavements
  • 775 sq.m of custom stabilised sand & deeplift AC pavement complete with deterrent bollards
  • 470 lin.m of kerb including SB profile kerb (RMS), K&G, flush kerbs
  • Water quality basin used for water treatment of rainwater/seepage water collected in tunnels, basin included a Geosynthetic Clay Liner
  • Pumpstation housing (no mechanical or iron ducts) for basin pumpout