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Earthworks of All Kinds

JK Williams has handled all manner of earthworks over our more than 60 operating years. Whether your project calls for heavy earth and rock excavation in varied conditions or with precise cut and fill planning for minimal budgetary and environmental impact.

Leveraging our advanced fleet of over 100 plants and vehicles, our team can tackle any challenges your project may present.

Playground and Fitness Area Preparation

In the design and construction of playgrounds and public fitness areas of all types, safety is often a leading concern. We have hands-on experience with coordinating rubber surfacing and softfall installations for many spaces such as these. Our team has also overseen and actively managed the installation of many kinds of play and gym equipment, balancing the need for both safety and longevity of completed spaces.

Landscape Open space

Open Space Furniture Installation

Shelters, benches and picnic tables of all types can provide a welcoming attraction for locals and visitors alike in any open space design. Our team has worked on many such developments, adhering to strict safety guidelines while carefully considering the aesthetic and functional appeal of the area in question.

Drinking fountains, rubbish bins and custom signage are also core elements of a completed open space project that JK Williams is well equipped to help you with.


No open space project can be completed without careful consideration being given to the many plants grown on site. In addition to mitigating negative impacts on native flora and fauna during any major earthworks endeavor, our team is also experienced in planting appropriate trees, garden beds and turf. We can create and execute highly appealing designs with a variety of cultivars and materials, while adopting maintenance easing techniques such as edging with steel for maximum benefit to our clients over the long term. We work hard to plan and coordinate irrigation installations that help to simplify maintenance processes over large areas as well.

We are well versed in working with shrubs and groundcovers as well. In fact, our team here at JK Williams worked to plant 2,300 plants in Stonecutters Parklands as part of the project’s inviting open space design.

Seating and Steps

Should your project call for the installation of purpose-built seating arrangements, you will be pleased to know that we have installed all kinds of informal seating over the years. Our enterprising team has even gone so far as to leverage reclaimed materials for custom benches, swale crossings and more.

Fencing and perimeter safeguards

The proper use of fencing can help to keep your community’s completed open space safe without disrupting its aesthetic quality. Here at JK Williams, we have worked with everything from timber posts to rails and heavy-duty bollards. We can also design and implement strong retaining walls for areas at risk of erosion, etc.

Overhead and Underfoot

We have the machinery and skilled technicians on hand to produce slip formed footpaths of all varieties with reinforced concrete, asphalt, etc. Once completed, such walkways are especially durable as well as minimally distracting from the natural scenery. Plus, work can be completed more rapidly thanks to compaction and finishing effectively happening at once during the slip forming process.

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