Ploughmans Open Space

Redbank Communities
North Richmond, NSW
Landscape & Open Space
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Key Features

Constructions of parklands and open space construction in an ecological and adjacent to aboriginal and heritage sensitive sites.

  • 5,960 sq.m of turfing
  • 6,814 sq.m of garden beds
  • 290 lin.m of steel edging
  • 141 tree planting of sizes ranging from 25L to 200L
  • Installation of informal seating and swale crossings with reclaimed logs
  • 127 metres of sandstone log seating, edging and steppers
  • Perimeter hardwood bollard installation
  • 2010 metres of timber post and rail fencing
  • 550 sq.m of playground and fitness area preparation and coordination for rubber surfacing
  • 1025 sq.m of reinforced concrete footpath through Openspace
  • 240 sq.m of reinforced concrete footpath through Sensitive Aboriginal and Heritage areas
  • Installation of park furniture such as shelters, benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains and bins
  • Preparation and coordination of Playground/Fitness Equipment and Shade Sail installations
  • Coordination of carrier and minor irrigation installation