Concrete Pavements

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Slipform Concrete Pavements & Roads

Leveraging novel slip form processes, JK Williams can create custom road designs with reinforced concrete to satisfy the most stringent stability and load-supporting requirements.

Slip form machinery moves along at a much faster pace than the traditional pour method would allow, facilitating faster project completion times without sacrificing the quality of the finished pavement. We can produce pavements for roads and paths of all sizes and our experience ranges from urban motorways to custom race tracks.

Innovative Grated Trench Drains

In 2019, our team here at JK Williams made huge strides in innovating with our slip form installation of a grated trench drain on the Northern Road Upgrade. Thanks to our forward-thinking team members and plenty of conceptual feedback from the Lend Lease project team at Stage 3 The Northern Road and RMS, we were able to develop an effective system for slip forming grated drains at a rate of more than 100 metres per day. This beat out the traditional hand-pouring method by a mile, making it possible for 14km of trench grating to be produced at an incredible speed and to exacting specifications.

Our team has also installed slot drains and more for various projects, ensuring completed works can handle large volumes of stormwater without suffering unnecessary damage.

Slipform Concrete Pavement, Kerb and Gutter Work

Slip form construction techniques and machines offer a dramatic performance advantage over antiquated approaches. Instead of hand-producing kerbstones for placement and finishing or provisioning these for the same, our skilled technicians can create fine, finished kerb work in a fraction of the time.

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