Bulk Earthworks

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Flexible Planning and Management

Here at JK Williams, we are no strangers to the often shifting demands of ongoing construction projects.

Although your needs may change as a project develops, our team will continue to accommodate them every step of the way. Whether design changes are deemed to be in order or delays are encountered that cannot be sidestepped, you can count on JK Williams to work with you, not against you, in seeing the project through to the end.

On our part, you can expect established deadlines to be met and project details to be dutifully observed along the way. Timing is everything and we recognise the importance of timely completion to support time-sensitive development goals.

Subdivisions and Lots

Earthworks help form the structural basis for all manner of development, lending visible separation and practical preparation to a legally defined subdivided parcel of land. Our team has tackled multiple subdivision projects over our long history, including very large-scale developments requiring extensive imported fill to complete. Leveraging extensively planned cut to fill processes onsite, we have worked to bring total development spend for this vital stage of a construction project down without negatively impacting the overall quality of the final result. Our team can haul material on and off-site with our vast assortment of well-maintained vehicles.

Extensive Excavations

More than sixty years’ worth of experience managing multiple types of earthworks projects has given our team here at JK Williams the know-how needed to ensure large undertakings go according to plan. We have managed extensive excavation projects calling for significant material export and complex restructuring. Whether your project requires hauling and placement or high precision grading, our team is well equipped to handle it. Coupling the best machinery and talent with years of expertise has allowed us to deliver professional results for all of our clients on a regular basis. 

Safety concerns rank high for us and every project receives all of our attention to ensure it is completed smoothly. Environmental planning is equally important to us, especially for earthworks involving sensitive environments and heritage zones. We have navigated environmental preservation precautions and community guidelines with great success over the years and stand by our commitment to leave a positive legacy wherever we work.

Compaction and Grading

Soil compaction forms the literal foundation for structural works to come. This makes it especially critical to complete with absolute precision. Poorly compacted spaces often exhibit exaggerated signs of deterioration once roads and other structures have been constructed on top of them. Ensuring the rest of your development plan can be handled safely and last for years to come truly comes down to proper soil preparation from the start.

Our team is highly experienced in all forms of soil preparation, factoring in soil moisture modifications, soil treatment, optimal compaction measures and more to ensure your future buildings and surfaces do not succumb to unsightly and potentially hazardous bulging and sinking from shifting materials beneath them. Both overcompaction and undercompaction can cause headaches for your construction plans later on, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. Achieving an appropriate and precise final grade can make a major difference in the overall cost of your development plan. At JK Williams, this incredibly important process is approached with just as much consideration and focus as any other.

Our Elite Fleet

We have consistently kept our fleet of heavy machinery and plants up to date, adopting the latest useful technological advances at speed to ensure our services are always world-class. Our acquisition of incredible new 627K scrapers in 2014 tied into our ongoing commitment to excellence, allowing us to tackle large-scale earthworks projects with even greater efficiency. These machines, in particular, provide our operators with access to fuel economy modes that enhance project savings at scale as well as drastically improved steering systems designed to lessen the constant strain placed on those behind the wheel. These upgrades bolster both efficiency and accuracy at once.

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Our legacy is that long after we have completed a project, the memory of who we are and what we stand for shall remain.

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