The Gables Precinct H Stages 5, 6A&B, and Stage 7A&B

The Gables, NSW
Bulk Earthworks, Residential Subdivisions, Road Construction, Sustainability
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Key Features

A big shoutout to our Team for successfully delivering The Gables Precinct H Stages 5, 6A&B, and Stage 7A&B ahead of schedule, reducing the program by an impressive 9 weeks.

Our Team delivered three separate stages simultaneously, delivering 202 lots, 18,000 sq.m of road pavement, over 100,000 cu.m of imported fill, and 4km of stormwater drainage. These were the final stages in Precinct H, requiring intricate development and implementation of methodologies to ensure a seamless installation & connection of all services and infrastructure while minimising disruption to the local community.

Additionally, the project involved a riparian corridor, which was shaped and refined a large overland channel with rock drop structures, culvert crossings, and sandstone log walls.

Thanks again to our Team who continued to find ways to ensure we not only met the deadline but exceeded it and to our Client for trusting us to make it happen!