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Expert Guidance on Fleet Selection

Our team is always able to assist in selecting the ideal pieces of plant for your intended purpose. Choose from a range of well maintained:

  • Pavers – Our pavers are equipped with advanced controls for easier and safer operation.
  • Trucks – Safety enhancements across our fleet have improved operating results across a multitude of projects.
  • Excavators – Take advantage of better grade control implements with the excellent vehicles we have on hand.
  • Scrapers – Heavy-duty scrapers come completely maintained by our in-house crew.

We have a history of rapid tech adoption where it counts, leading operators to become more efficient and productive onsite.

Plant Heavy Equipment

GPS in Civil Construction since 1999

Ever since 1999, JK Williams has made ample use of GPS tracking technology in our civil construction projects, allowing us to achieve better quality results with our entire fleet of vehicles and machinery. This technology makes optimizing key aspects of every project possible. These include:

  • 1. Earthmoving operations – Moving earth to match intended grade measurements requires keen attention to detail. GPS technology assists in positioning machinery and achieving precise final grade onsite without nearly as much staking and manual surveying as would be necessary otherwise.  
  • 2. Road construction projects – When factors such as manhole locations, utility lines and more must be marked and duly accommodated over the course of a project’s development, GPS grade management technology helps our team to do so, without expending energy or resources on repeated manual surveying processes.
  • 3. Fleet management considerations – At any given time, our plant and vehicles are accounted for with great accuracy, allowing us to cut down significantly on lost time and delays. We are also able to identify equipment available for use in upcoming projects or hire by third parties with perfect accuracy, ensuring those who depend on our fleet are outfitted with what they need when they need it the most.
  • 4. Precise operations – Managing scenarios that call for extremely precise placement of materials with tight tolerances is much easier for our team with the help of this incredible positioning technology, facilitating the installation of prefabricated structures and more with far greater efficiency overall.

Caterpillar Ejector Dump Trucks

JK Williams received the very first caterpillar Ejector dump trucks to reach Australian shores in the year 2000. These incredible machines pose significant advantages when used under the right conditions. For instance, they pose much less of a risk of tipping or touching overhead obstacles while dumping material. Caterpillar Ejector trucks are also highly efficient, requiring no slow down to dump and return.

Topcon Gomaco Paver with mmGPS in 2012

JK Williams was the first company in all of Australia to fit a GOMACO Commander III paving machine with Topcon mmGPS technology. This special upgrade allows for high precision and optimal grading accuracy with the addition of laser guidance. Technicians can take advantage of an integrated system capable of supporting additional machines without a loss in efficiency.

3D Controlled Pavers

Our team was also quick to adopt 3D controls on our equipment in 2012. We set up our Gomaco paver with 3D controls for more finely tuned operations. These controls make it possible for variable depth and slope paving even when faced with complex designs. For projects that demand precision and fine finishes, the addition of 3D controls is essential.

Consistent Fleet Updates

Our entire fleet was brought up to date in 2014 with top tier 627K scrapers. These highly efficient scrapers boast two-part fuel economy modes for less fuel usage at lower RPMs. On top of this, they also come complete with built-in safety features such as engine over speed protection and bowl side overflow guards to keep them fully functional for longer periods of time between scheduled maintenance. Enhanced steering systems lower total operator fatigue behind the wheel, while an advanced cushion hitch dampens end stroke events with predictive measures.

In 2015, we would again bring our fleet up to date with 3D controls and remote survey monitoring technology. This helped spread the benefits we saw with our 3D-controlled pavers to all of our other moving equipment as well.

Safety First

Rollover poses a serious risk to operators around the world, especially when heavy vehicle loads are involved. Apart from remaining attentive to vehicle and road conditions, technological safeguards are best for reducing the danger rollovers represent. Our machines make use of industry vetted technology to prevent these kinds of catastrophes from occurring in the first place.

As 2016 rolled in, our truck fleet was outfitted with a multitude of safety-enhancing features, including anti-rollover technology, anti-lan departure upgrades and anti tailgate improvements as well.

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Our legacy is that long after we have completed a project, the memory of who we are and what we stand for shall remain.

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