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JK Williams pride ourselves on being aware of the influence and impact that we have on our environment, this is at the forefront of all our projects.

To ensure we contribute positively to this every growing aspect we tackle it from 2 aspects;

  • Completing sustainability projects for clients to create methods that support and enhance the community being created, some examples are;
    • Rain Gardens Development
    • Sediment Basin Construction
  • We ensure only best practice methods are used on our projects to control and minimise our footprint, some of the project risks we have managed to date have included;
    • Working within the Sydney Harbour Catchment
    • Protection of Sensitive Waterways and Ecosystems
    • Protection of endangered species Flora & Fauna
    • Riparian Corridor Protection
    • Source and re-use natural products local to the project

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Our legacy is that long after we have completed a project, the memory of who we are and what we stand for shall remain.

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