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Large Scale EarthWorks

Major earthworks are a core part of what we do here at JK Williams. Onsite excavations, material import and export are all a part of a normal day’s work for our experienced team.

We can help to facilitate highly efficient cut and fill operations to make maximum use of the land you have on hand, using our own extensive fleet of carefully maintained, high-tech vehicles. We outfit our assortment of scrapers, trucks and excavators with the best in 3D, mmGPS controls to further enhance our team’s precision on the job. You can count on us to achieve the perfect final grade for your project, putting subsequent construction efforts on track for success right from the start.

Specialising in All Manner of Storage Facilities

Storage buildings of all types rely on sound foundations and spacious access points to properly serve their purpose. Everything from bulk distribution facilities to cold storage and manufacturing centers requires well-executed design and construction to happen from the ground up as a structural means of protecting a company’s investments. Here at JK Williams, we have had the pleasure of producing many types of industrial subdivisions and facilities over the years for many different types of clients with varied needs. We are more than happy to assist you in all aspects of planning the execution of your next development project in this exciting sector.

Industrial Subdivision

Stormwater Drainage Installations

A key component of many different earthworks projects is the handling of natural stormwater. Left to accumulate, such water can quickly become a problem, causing all sorts of damage to otherwise structurally sound and durable installations. This is even more evident and critical in the context of large industrial facilities where expensive equipment and vital materials may be stored. Improperly guided stormwater can quite literally wash away layers of roads and structures on site, creating unnecessary maintenance costs in the process, potentially endangering people in the area as well.

Our team has installed top-quality stormwater drains and conduits on multiple occasions. We can put anything from custom gutter and drain designs to high-volume culverts in place to protect your subdivision from water-based wear and tear. These in addition to slip formed curbs can enhance the functional aesthetics of your space as well, safely guiding incoming vehicles away from pavement edges and other spaces not intended to withstand regular vehicle traffic.

Retaining Walls and Supporting Structures

Another key feature of many industrial subdivisions is the design and creation of load-bearing retaining walls. We have the experience necessary to determine what types of walls work best for your project’s needs, plus the very best installation approach to maximise their utility and longevity. With safety always at the forefront of our concerns, we place particular emphasis on implementing tried and true methods that can stand the test of time. We have experience with alternative methods of proven effectiveness such as shotcrete walls – concrete projected from a hose at high pressure – fitted with soldier piles – a resilient beam configuration that resembles an “H” – as well.

Industrial Subdivision Retaining Walls

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