Camellia Remediation & Stormwater Infrastructure

Camellia, NSW
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Key Features

The project comprised of bulk earthworks, exportation of sandstone, trimming lot area, construction of swale drains, stormwater drainage line, pits, bioretention trench all lined with HDPE liners. Concrete dish drains were constructed on the 2 driveway entrances of the site and a 44m, 500mm high sandstone log wall was constructed in front of the site boundary.

There were sensitive groundwater monitoring wells that extended above the ground and were capped at the completion of the project. A final trim was conducted, and 2 coat seal placed over the 18,200 square metres area to complete the project.

  • 2 Coat Spray seal of area over 18,200 square metres
  • Installation of HDPE liner in swale drains, bioretention trench and stormwater drainage line
  • Construction of 80m Bioretention trench
  • Exportation of more than 10,000 tonnes of sandstone
  • Construction of stormwater drainage line and structures lined with HDPE liner
  • Capping of ground water monitoring wells


The project was remediated to restore the usability of the site.

Once this project was completed it was able to be utilised as an industrial subdivision site, extensive Environmental Management practices were engaged and continuous onsite monitoring to ensure that it was completed to rigorous quality standards, this turned unusable and contaminated land to be restored and utilised.