Clyde Truck Marshalling Yard

John Holland, CPB, Ghella Joint Venture
Clyde, NSW
Infrastructure Works
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Key Features

Construct a spoil load out facility for the Sydney Metro 2 –

  • Work within strict ecological guidelines due to confirmed siting of Green and Golden Bell frogs
  • Work within strict WHS guidelines due to spoil load out pavement being constructed on areas of high-pressure Caltex Sydney to Newcastle fuel line.
  • Clearing of trees and shrubs under strict ecological supervision and guidelines
  • Installation of 25mm thick road plates to transfer loads within Caltex fuel line easement
  • m full depth 200mm thick concrete pavement
  • 1,196sq.m flexible pavement consisting of 220mm thick base course and 2 coat seal
  • Installation of 8 tonne wheel wash


The Clyde Truck Marshalling Yard was established to load out spoil for the Sydney Metro 2 project.

This project was constructed over the Sydney to Newcastle Caltex fuel line due to the high pressure of this line there were a number of regulations and work practices that needed to be constructed and adhered by to ensure the safety of all on the project.

This project was also located within a close proximity to a environmentally sensitive area and required strict and detailed ecological management to protect the Green and Golden Bell frogs. This management changed  some of the work methods and construction practices.