Derrek Poole – Supercross Super Steward

5th June 2020
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Australian & Oceanics Supercross Championship

It is suggested that Australians have an obsession with sport and sport regularly tops all five of the most watched programs on TV with a staggering 11.4 million of us consuming an average of almost 2 hours of sports content online each month.    We also tend to admire a tough and gritty performance and there is nothing more hard core than motocross racing, considered one of the most physically demanding sports in the world!

The Australian & Oceanics Supercross Championship is the leading motocross series in Australia and New Zealand and the series is promoted by Williams Event Management (WEM), a Victorian based event management company whose goal is to raise awareness of the sport nationwide.

Our very own Derrek Poole was invited to be the steward (the official that oversees the entire program) by Motorcycling Australia for this prestigious event which attracts riders from all over the world.  This event is the largest supercross event in the Oceania (Australia / New Zealand) and features many of the best riders in the world such as Chad Reid, Ricky Carmichael, Justin Brayden, Daniel Reardon and Luke Clout.  The 2019 Australian Oceanic series had 5 rounds (Brisbane, Adelaide, Wollongong, Auckland and Melbourne) and Derrek officiated for 3 of the rounds at the following locations; WIN Stadium – Wollongong, Smart Stadium – Auckland and Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.   Just these 3 events alone pulled crowds in excess of 25,000 at each event.

The rounds are not without their challenges given the frequent broken bones, medical emergencies and disciplinary matters that need to be dealt with which can incur on the spot fines and cranky riders!

It is a significant honour to be invited to officiate at such a prestigious event in the world of Supercross that has crowds in the thousands and is telecast live on Fox Sports and Derrek you must be so proud!

Congratulations Derrek to be invited to participate in such a momentous event!    Hard to believe Derrek does this to relax!!