Women in Civil Construction – JK Williams Fathers & Daughters

1st May 2024
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Celebrating Women’s Contribution to Civil Construction: A Legacy of Talent and Inclusion

We are thrilled to share the inspiring story of JK Williams and their commitment to fostering gender diversity within the civil construction industry. Recently, the Penrith Press and The Daily Telegraph showcased our journey, shedding light on the remarkable women who have followed in their fathers’ footsteps to contribute to our growing success.

With immense pride, we announce the presence of five daughters within the JK Williams family who have chosen to work alongside their fathers, paving the way for women to explore the dynamic and fulfilling career opportunities available in civil construction. These daughters exemplify leadership and dedication, challenging stereotypes and proving that the industry is not only welcoming but also thriving with diverse talent.

It’s important to note that the inclusion of women in our workforce is not a recent development but rather a longstanding tradition embedded deeply within our company’s culture. Over 18 years ago, we welcomed our first female employees, and since then, our commitment to diversity has only strengthened. In 2011, we proudly welcomed our second father-daughter duo, solidifying our belief that gender should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion and potential in civil construction.

Women at JK Williams hold a variety of crucial roles across the business, showcasing their capabilities and expertise in operating heavy machinery such as excavators, dump trucks, and rollers compactors. Additionally, some have made significant contributions to specialized teams like Concrete and Pipelaying, while others excel in roles like Trainee Surveyor, demonstrating their proficiency and dedication to mastering their craft.

Our success in fostering a culture of inclusion is a testament to the unwavering support and acceptance exhibited by our entire workforce. Every new member of our team is embraced and encouraged to thrive, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected for their unique contributions.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are committed to spreading awareness and inspiring more women to consider the incredible opportunities available in our industry. At JK Williams, we not only offer fulfilling careers but also provide a supportive and nurturing environment where every individual can flourish and succeed.

We are proud to recognise the talent, dedication, and diversity that define JK Williams, as we continue to lead the way in shaping the future of civil construction with inclusivity and innovation.

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