Ken Stiff 25 years and counting!

9th October 2018
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A big congratulations to Ken Stiff who recently celebrated his 25th Anniversary with JK Williams.

Ken commenced his career as a spritely 16-year-old motor mechanic working in the inner west, tackling a variety of roles in the equipment supply industry before joining us in 1993.

He began his career with us as a construction worker out in the field telling all of his co-workers that he was previously a barber in order to avoid being asked to work on their private vehicles. Despite his efforts, his talent was soon identified by Leigh & Paul B when a special project saw him repairing a scrummage machine for a local rugby club. The gig was up, Ken’s talents were exposed resulting in requests to make them for Penrith Rugby Club and a Private School in Mossman.

Ken spent the next ten years jumping between tasks in the workshop and being a construction worker until inevitably the demand for a full time vehicle mechanic saw him join time maintenance crew on a permanent basis.

He has made a significant contribution over the years, turning his hand to almost any project.

Congratulations once again to Ken for 25 years at JKW.