Matthew Bell Way

22nd May 2020
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Jordan Springs is home to one of the most significant roads ever to be built by JK Williams, ‘Matthew Bell Way’. This road is 1 kilometre in length and holds a very special place in our heart.  In 2013 we lost one of our very own, Matthew Bell, to a tragic accident at just 26 years old.

Matthew started with JK Williams in January 2011, at 24 years old Matthew was well beyond his years in maturity, capability and most importantly humility. In the first 6 months he was a Junior Engineer supporting a Senior Project Manager on the first stage of Jordan Springs, such a momentous project not just for JK Williams but for the Penrith Community.

After the first stage Matthew became the Project Manager and took the lead on the next stage of the project. At the age of 25 he was managing one of the largest residential projects in NSW at the time. Matthew’s ability to manage a project from not only a construction standpoint but also the relational aspects was quite remarkable. His work ethic was extraordinary and the proof was in the project, to have such a substantial client not only trust a young man with $20 Million plus in works but request he remain as the Project Manager for the continuing stages is a recognition that made him a mentor and incredibly well respected member of the team.

Once Matthew started to settle in to JK Williams we started to see his personality and he was someone you wanted to be friends with. He absolutely nailed a dress up event, grew a hideous moustache for Movember and loved a work function, he was always the last one standing.

To those of us who were lucky enough to work with Matthew, he has impacted us all in such a positive way we all work a little bit harder and a little bit quieter. This road honours Matthew in the best way possible to be surrounded by something he truly put his all into.

Matthew is sorely missed but his presence will always remain.