Meet Stefan Brozic

28th August 2020
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Meet Stefan Brozic, he is the Project Manager who will be completing the Menangle Park subdivision works. Stefan has been with JKW for 5 years and in that time he has been responsible for successfully completing residential subdivisions, RMS Intersection works, motorsport racetrack upgrades, wetland construction, concrete pavement in the NorthConnex & WestConnex projects, was a part of the team responsible for achieving RMS Accreditation for the concrete paver and worked closely with our client AV Jennings to co-ordinate a site visit for Spring Farm public school to our construction site.

Why did you choose to be a Project Manager? “I have always found the construction industry extremely interesting and with the quantity and diversity of work across Sydney it always looked like a great opportunity.  It makes you proud being able to see a project through from start to finish and to go and physically see something that you have actually worked on”

What Is the most unique & interesting about the upcoming Menangle Park works? “The short timeframe and the immense scope of works. Bringing a new subdivision into the area will involve a notable amount of earthworks and a significant lead in to provide services to the upcoming lots. We have also already undertaken investigations on the original and now redundant Sydney to Melbourne Coaxial cable that runs through the centre of the project. Which is something that you don’t find on most projects and we’re learning a bit of history along the way.”

What is it like working with the JKW team? “JK Williams has a great tight-knit community and family atmosphere. It’s fantastic being able to talk to the different teams and bounce ideas off each other. They also are always looking to come up with new ideas to trial on projects to undertake works faster, safer and cheaper than before.”

With Stefan’s wide range of project experience and his innovative approach we’re looking forward to seeing what he delivers on this project.