JK Williams Platinum Club

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It is with much pride and pleasure that JK Williams recently invited a select group of past employees to become “JKW Platinum Club” members. This initiative has been established with a view to recognising and acknowledging the value and contribution that these individuals have made to the successes that JKW enjoys today. It is important for JKW to recognise those, who have in their own unique way and even without knowing it, have inspired us, generously shared their knowledge and talent, leaving us with an enduring legacy.
All members of the “JKW Platinum Club” are exemplified by the true meaning of “engaged employee”. In their working life at JKW, they were fully absorbed and enthusiastic about their work, so fiercely loyal and always seeking to protect and enhance the reputation and interests of JKW.
It is now our turn to return that favour, to be fiercely loyal to them, taking positive action to show our indebted gratitude by making sure that they remain connected to our business.

As members of this exclusive club, they will receive an annual invitation to the JKW Christmas Party, have the opportunity to attend at least  2 tailored social events specifically for Platinum Club Members each year and receive a copy of JKW’s “The Road Ahead” Quarterly Newsletter.