Renewable Powered Construction Sites

1st June 2024
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We’re not being fossils about renewable energy

Our Figtree Hill Project has been at the forefront of utilising renewable energy to power our project offices, site amenities, electric site vehicles and electric vehicle chargers. Our on-site energy container hosts 6 batteries and a 28 kWh system supported by 21 solar panels which keeps our team powered throughout the day.
Our on-site team has incorporated 2 new 100% electric Kia EV6 Vehicles into the fleet and set up a charging station on the premises powered by renewable energy. Together with this our fleet is fueled with bio-diesel to continue reducing our footprint.
Check our statistics for the project to date and our expected project savings –

Expected Savings – Figtree Hill

Item Monthly To Date Life of Project
Diesel Saved No Generator 3,777 L 11,331 L 67,986 L
Petrol Saved 2 * Kia EV6 520 L 1,690 L 9,360 L
Co2 Saved 11,393 Kg 34,179 Kg 205,074 Kg