The Next Generation

1st November 2019
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Thanks to Andrew Gallagher and his team from AV Jennings for creating a unique and exciting opportunity for some very lucky Spring Farm Public School Students, they created an onsite adventure demonstrating to students what goes into creating the Evergreen Community at Spring Farm.  JK Williams was proud to be included and support this day making it a fun day they wouldn’t forget.

The day commenced with a bus trip to the site office to learn about the importance of planning and understanding what necessities the community requires. Then everyone was fitted for a high visibility vest and hard hat and it was back on the bus and off to site.

At first they had a drive through of a site and watched a demonstration of a Grader and Roller working together, once everyone was off the bus in all their site attire it was straight to the sign in desk.

Next up was learning about the importance of site communication, some of the students had a chance to talk to each other over the UHF radio, the action packed morning continued with discussing the many different types of plant and equipment utilised to complete the project. There was even a demonstration to show the difference between 2 men shovelling for 1 minute and a excavator digging a hole for 30 seconds.

To finish off everyone then had the chance to sit in the 36 Tonne Excavator and all students had a turn of making sure the horn was working loud and clear.

After signing out it was back on the bus and back to school. We can’t thank all the students enough for the responsibility they showed us and ensuring safety is first priority.

A huge thank you to the AV Jennings team, Spring Farm Public School and our own JK Williams Team for making this very worthwhile event happen, hopefully there will be more in the future!