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1st December 2016
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Trailer Magazine recently published an article on the use of E-Plas  Quicksilver Floor Liners in our Truck fleet, Warren Shepherd our Maintenance Manager was interviewed in regards to how and why we use it.

“The Safe Bet

To help optimise its vehicle’s safety, civil works and earthmoving business JK Williams is now using E-Plas’ QuickSilver floor liner as standard across its fleet of tippers.

Amidst the debris, dust and rugged environment that its vehicles operate it, Penrith-based JK Williams is emerging as one of the most progressive companies in the civil works and earthmoving industry. The family owned business has spent almost a decade migrating its fleet of tippers over to Performance-Based Standard (PBS) approved equipment, with each of the seven rigid and dog tipper combinations fitted with QuickSilver floor liner, supplied by industrial materials expert, E-Plas.”

According to JK Williams’ Maintenance Manager, Warren Shepherd, the PBS tippers allow it to increase the weight of materials on board and the QuickSilver complements that gain by discharging the loads at a quicker rate than in previous models. Warren explains that the process is a “much safer” outcome for the JK team.

“It’s not only quicker to unload with the QuickSilver liner, but the driver doesn’t have to tip the body beyond the conventional 45° angle, which increases the danger of the truck tipping over, damaging the equipment and surrounding property. The polyethylene material is so slippery that there are no left over material and means our drivers don’t need to climb up onto the body to sweep it off.”

Since the QuickSilver was recommended to JK Williams by its tipper supplier, Grant Engineered in 2007, Warren says the floor liner is yet to show signs of wear. “It’s a very durable material and has performed as promised. Compared to our older tippers that had issues with the floor liner and have since been moved on, we now longer incur any maintenance costs for replacements.”

Currently, the overall PBS number stands at four quad-axle rigid and dog combinations, two 19m rigid and dog tippers and one tri-axle rigid and dog combination as well as one 19m stag tipper and a single live bottom trailer – all manufactured by Grant Engineered and fitted with the QuickSilver liner.

“We’re always trying to improve our service at JK Williams and the QuickSilver is definitely the most significant addition to our equipment to date, because it meets our high safety standards and improves our productivity as a bulk transporter,” Warren adds. “But we wouldn’t have ever known about it had it not been for our strong relationship with Grant Engineered and their ongoing partnership with E-Plas. Now it’s a standard part of any new tipper purchased.”