The Northern Road – Grated Drain

The Northern Road, Penrith NSW
Concrete Pavements / Slipform
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Key Features

The Northern Road Stage 3 was the first project in Australia to slipform The Grated Trench Drain. This stage has over 1,000 sq.m slipformed.

This method of installation of grated drain allows an increase productivity of well over 120m per shift each day, the set-up process is competed on the day of the pour, so all the elements of construction are essentially competed in the same day including the kerb with the grates bolted in the following day. With the reduced set up time and the elimination of the preformed channel the cost is greatly reduced, and due the increased efficiency construction programs are condensed again saving money. Larger consecutive runs are considered viable to warrant the size of the crew required and the cost of the paver for the day.

A huge thankyou to Acciona and Lendlease Engineering for trusting us to design and construct this new innovative method of installing The Grated Trench Drain which as resulted in numerous efficiencies.