Mamre Road & Saddington Street Upgrade

Downer Mouchel Roads for TfNSW
St Marys, NSW
Transport for NSW
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Key Features

Civil Works and relocation of Traffic Control Signals to upgrade existing intersection and create new dedicated Southbound and Northbound right-turn lanes on Mamre Road, St Marys.

  • Lodgement and Management of Road Occupancy Licences
  • Management of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic
  • Working near sensitive receivers such as Schools and Residents
  • Establishment and maintenance of environmental controls
  • Asbestos Remediation Works – Removal of 2,563 tonnes of ACM mostly as Night Works
  • Demolition of existing kerb and footpaths
  • Removal of redundant services
  • Construction of stormwater drainage adjacent to live services
  • Proactively working with DM project team to resolve any design issues with unexpected services/clashes
  • Working around live underground and overhead services
  • Construction of reinforced concrete pipeline across Saddington Street and over Jemena Primary Gas Main
  • RMS pavement construction
  • Asphalt milling and resheeting works
  • Construction of kerb and gutter and median islands
  • Construction of concrete footpaths and driveways
  • Relocation and adjustment of Traffic Signals
  • Property adjustment works
  • Installation of RMS pedestrian fencing
  • Linemarking and signage works
  • Landscaping


The Mamre Rd Intersection Upgrade works at Saddington St, St Marys, involved the widening of an existing live signalised intersection for the provision of dedicated right turn lanes for both Northbound and Southbound traffic on Mamre Rd to turn into Saddington St.

Works were conducted with strict quality control to TfNSW specifications. There were many challenges brought about by the volume of road users who utilise this road network, both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, along with the close proximity of works to sensitive receivers such as schools and residential housing. Further challenges were brought about by the contaminated soils present for the majority of the worksite along with having to work around both live minor and major carrier services.

With the works being at the frontage of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School and residential apartments, a high level of pedestrian management and provision of amenities such as protected passageways and footpaths had to be considering at all times for the amount of pedestrian traffic. Close liaison with bus services requiring relocation of bus amenities had to be coordinated with the works. This was further complicated with a majority of the work area being deemed to be contaminated with buried asbestos fragments. With the close-proximity to sensitive receivers and interface with pedestrians, this meant that all earthwork operations and removal had to be completed at night under strict asbestos controls and monitoring. Carrying out earthworks during night conditions around poorly documented and dilapidated services is a challenge already, but this also presented a logistical challenge as no EPA licensed waste facility approved to receive asbestos contaminated soils were open during our night working hours. As such, haulage works had to be staged throughout the night accordingly, in the limited hours allowed to occupy the road, so that the waiting time till when waste facilities open could be minimised.

Challenges were also brought about by the existing live services both in-ground and overhead, with many of which being dilapidated and poorly documented thus not being where they had been expected to be. The project also required us to construct new stormwater drainage infrastructure for the widened roadway. A segment of the stormwater works found to be particularly challenging had been the construction of a new stormwater pipe crossing through the middle of the existing signalised intersection, and over a major high-pressure secondary gas main. On top of having to sufficient manage traffic around the proposed works, the stormwater pipe crossing had to be encased again in heavily reinforced concrete with works being completed overseen by a Jemena representative at all times to strict excavation and compaction guidelines to ensure the high-pressure gas main was sufficient protected.