The Gables Town Centre & Lake

Box Hill, NSW
Bulk Earthworks
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Key Features

  • 25,000 cubic metres of imported fill in addition to 930,000 cubic metres of cut to fill onsite
  • Stripping and trimming of over 695,000 square metres of subgrade
  • Construction of strictly designed sports fields with Level 1 Geotech using multiple classes of fill for depths over 7m
  • Construction of a 102 megalitre lake with a footprint of 60,000 square metres that has bentonite liner base
  • Dewatering and decommissioning of 5 agricultural dams throughout the entire estate
  • Water management, topsoil respread, amelioration and jute matting of a 38,000 square metres active riparian channel catering to existing residents water use
  • Construction of chimney and finger drains to the specifications of the dam safety committee
  • Installation of a recirculation system for the health of the lake and surrounding eco-system
  • Ongoing noise monitoring and restrictions to ensure minimal disruption to the breeding season of the endangered white bellied sea eagle
  • Twin 2400 x 1200 culvert lines installed along with twin 3000 x 2100 culvert lines both 30 lineal metres in length
  • Over 5,000 square metres of rip rap to be installed as part of the stormwater management strategy
  • 1,500 square metres of stacked sandstone block retaining walls up to 6m in height
  • Existing potable water, overhead electrical and live NBN services relocation in existing road corridor
  • Remediation and removal of over 830 Tonne of asbestos contaminated material


The Gables lake & town centre works included over 405,000 cu.m of bulk earthworks.

This project was significant on a number of fronts, the size of the project alone was in excess of 110 hectares, this included constructing a 102 megaliter lake. However before constructing this we needed to decommission and realign the water flow of 5 dams to allow sufficient water catchment to build the lake.

Once the earthworks were completed we then placed 59,000 sq.m of specialised bentonite and clay lining material which required specific training just to ensure correct installation and construction.

We were very actively involved in the design process of the engineered embankment, we provided construction methodologies with the involvement of Geotechnical Engineers and the local council to implement a satisfactory method for sourcing material and constructing the embankment with lime stabilisation trials also being conducted.

During the construction phase we had very detailed internal and external traffic management in place. To construct the project safely and efficiently we put in place a long term detour of Red Gables Road and provided access to local resident by creating a 700 metre long private access via the back of their property. Internal traffic control measures were very detailed and through audit regime this included being audited both internally and externally, due to the number of heavy plant and equipment running along these roads these were a top priority.

We also had to manage a riparian corridor over 2 km in length, this was also home to the White Bellied Sea Eagle, this local fauna required multple noise and vibration monitors and we worked with Ecologists to ensure we managed this accordingly.