Grose Vale Road Intersection & Roundabout

Redbank Communities
North Richmond, NSW
Road Construction
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Key Features

Upgrade to Grose Vale Road, including construction of a roundabout.

  • Construction of roundabout under heavy live traffic with 12 TCP phase shifts to maintain two directional flow of traffic
  • Implementation of new pavement with a 1.95m level difference
  • 10,000 cubic metres of cut to fill from the intersection
  • Rejuvenation of 5,500 square metres of pavement
  • Lowering of live optic fibre to match in with new design levels
  • 4,850 square metres of turf installed


JK Williams had to upgrade Grose Vale Road and Install a roundabout to service the ever growing Redbank community.

Grose Vale Road is a semi rural road that provides access for many properties throughout the Grose Vale, Kurrajong and further therefore we could not close it to carry out the works. The conditions of this project were that at night  both lanes remained open to traffic and during the day we could only close one lane under traffic control. There were a number of properties within the works area which we needed to maintain access at all times.

This project was incredibly detailed to ensure we kept the traffic moving to prevent causing further traffic to the area, provide access through a live work area and there was a total of 6 traffic management plans that were implemented over the life of the project. This was required due to the nature of the significant works that needed to take place which included 2.5 metres of cut, matching levels to existing properties and new properties, managing traffic speeds and relocation of a number of critical services.

We successfully and safely finished this project ensuring full compliance with all the very detailed conditions required to complete these works.