Menangle Park Stages 1 & 2A

Dahua Group Australia
Menangle Park, NSW
Residential Subdivisions, Road Construction
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Key Features

Stage 1 – The stage 1 development details the subdivision of several existing land parcels to provide 255 residential lots, 7 super lots for future subdivision, roads for dedication to Campbelltown Council and the installation of a significant Sewer Lead in works for the project along with all relevant servicing.

Stage 2A – The Stage 2A Development details the subdivision of residue lot 1256 into 67 residential lots including roads for dedication to Campbelltown council. This project ties into and was constructed at the same time as stage 1.

  • Stripping of 340,635 sq.m of Topsoil for Stockpiling and re-use on site
  • 279,697 cu.m of Dirt moved – Over 23,000 Dump Truck and Scraper Loads
  • Supply and installation of 8.1km of Stormwater Pipe ranging in sizes from 150Ømm PVC to 1200Ømm Reinforced Concrete.
  • Installation of 409 Stormwater Pits.
  • Supply and Placement of 6242.80 tonnes of Asphalt
  • 45,111 sq.m of 2 Coat Seal
  • 35,000 tonnes of Sandstone Sub-Base
  • 17,000 tonnes of Natural Road Base
  • All works undertaken within an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit Boundary with external lead ins strictly maintaining a 15m corridor of works.
  • Construction of a 700 lin.m Long Rural Fire Service Access Road into the subdivision
  • Construction of 4 x 2000 sq.m Detention Basins
  • Supply and Placement of 15,198 sq.m of Footpath, Cycleway and Hardstand area. With over 2,000m3 of Concrete.
  • 1,575 sq.m of Slip formed Machine Paved Concrete Cycleway
  • Installation of 4,768 lin.m of 100-200mm Water Service Pipe
  • Installation of 8,030 lin.m of Sewer reticulation Pipeline ranging in size from 1,50Ømm to 600Ømm.
  • Construction of 3 underbored sewer lines at significant lengths through sandy and water charged ground, whilst being below remediated ground conditions and endeavor energy zone substation
    – Line 1 – 122 Lin.m – 600Ømm – Underbore with GRP Jacking Pipe
    – Line 2 – 153 Lin.m – 600Ømm – Underbore with GRP Jacking Pipe
    – Line 3 – 120 Lin.m – 450Ømm – Underbore with RC Jacking Pipe
  • 4km Sewer Lead in Construction within a 15m AHIP corridor.
  • 6km Water Main Lead in within 15m AHIP Corridor.
  • Construction of Sewer Lead Manholes and 600mm Underbore at a depth of 11m
  • Construction of 250 lin.m of road pavement under existing powerlines which were removed at the end of the project.
  • Construction of Subdivision whilst maintaining continuous communication and access for the local resident within the middle of the project.
  • Construction of 1km Lead in road into the project.
  • Interface and match in with existing pavement on Cummins Road.
  • Installation of Hume King Ring and Trash nets on stormwater outlets and headwalls.
  • 284,000 sq.m of Hydroseed sprayed on the projects lots and batters.
  • 22,000 sq.m of Turf installed on the project
  • Sleeper Retaining walls – 3,860 sq.m of Sleeper Retaining walls installed.
  • Block Retaining Walls – installation of 220 sq.m of large block retaining walls with piers in difficult and wet ground conditions around the sites 2 basins.
  • All Works completed in 9 Months